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DarkRP Rules (Last updated 02/11/2018)

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on: February 07, 2018, 09:13:14 PM

Welcome! The server is still in beta so please be patient with us!

NOTE to new players: Currently a bug where you first visit spawn with $500, ask an admin and they will adjust this!

General Rules

1. Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.

2. Respect everyone. No Sh*t-talking in /OOC, purposefully annoying people or trolling.

3. Do not prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.

4. Body-blocking is not allowed if you are doing it to troll or be annoying.

5. Do not joke about crashing the server. Doing so will result in a ban.

6. Do not mess with Admins on Duty, they are not role-playing so you shouldn't interact with them as if they are.

7. RP Scamming/stealing is not allowed whatsoever.

8. Do not impersonate any member of the administrative team.

9. Do not evade ban by going on alts.

10. Do not build on the street or sidewalk (Hobos can build on sidewalk).

11. You are not allowed to have an invisible physgun.

12. No disrespectful names/roleplay names. If a staff member asks for you to change it, do so.

13. No offensive language in OOC, or admin chat.

14. The maximum time you can keep a hostage is 10min.

15. Staff words are final in all cases and are not to be protested.

16. No owning multiple bases.

17. Do not attempt to bend the rules to your liking or find loop holes, these are basic server rules and are used as a base of information. Staff have the right to enforce against any unfair play that may not be stated in these rules.

18. Sexism / racism will not be tolerated and if caught or reported, you will be liable for a ban with no appeal

Role-playing Rules

1. Do not randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match)

2. Follow the New Life Rule(NLR). If you don't know what it is, scroll down on this page to the 'New Life Rule' section.

3. No job abuse, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation or an admin sit.

4. Do not disconnect, suicide, etc to get out of a role-play situation.

5. Do not mic spam. (Including soundboards of any type, excluding DJ job)

6. Do not spawn kill, as a Hitman you cannot kill someone in spawn.(You also cannot stand and wait for them to leave.)

7. Don't speak or joke about DDOS, even in role-play.

8. You must make a reasonable attempt to take the Mayor hostage before opening fire on him (you must be a raiding class to take hostages).

9. You may not defend random people, only gang members and allied gang members (Exclude Civil Protection).

10. You may raid someone after selling them entities, unless an agreement was made otherwise (See Scamming Rules).

11. Hobos may not own doors, since they are homeless.

12. Baiting Civil Protection is not allowed. It's FailRP.

13. Accidentally killing someone (crossfire) is RDM (Not if for a valid reason aka raiding). If you think you might miss your shot or kill someone else, DON'T SHOOT!

14. All Goverment Officials can build within the PD as long as it does not block walking space. (Comic Props only).

15. If your friend is a hitman you may NOT help him complete his hit. It does not matter if you are in the same gang or not. You could only potentially interfere if the person shot you directly.

16. A banker can hold anything number of printers and not be warranted by the cops because of his illegal materials.

17. Mugging is only allowed every 10 minutes

Raiding Rules
1. You can only raid once every 10 minutes

2. You may not target a person with your raids, vary it up a little bit. This goes under harassment.

Job Specific Rules

1. Terrorists may only commit a terror attack with /advert Terror every 10 minutes

Government Job Rules

1. Mayor may not change default laws, Dictator may.

Donator Job Rules

1. Tachanka may not use his turret in offensive raids, only in defense.

WireMod Rules

1. The only Automation you are allowed to create with WireMod is automated gun stores. You cannot create an automated money collection system or item duplication.

New Life Rule

If this is the first role play server you have ever joined, lets update you with something called "New Life Rule", or NLR for short.

The New Life Rule states that once you die, you forget everything that happened to you. This means that after you die, you don't immediately go back to the place that you died.

You must stay away from the place that you died for an additional 3 minutes.

If you died whilst being raided, you are free to go on back after your NLR time without guns drawn. (You cannot remember that you were raided, or who raided you, so you can't be prepared.)
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